What is it like being a Childnet Digital Leader?

18 Aug 2017 Becca Cawthorne

St Joan of Arc RC Primary School enrolled on to the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme in September 2016. We hear from three Digital Leaders;  James, Lucas and Jarvis, as they look back at their time as part of the programme, giving an insight into what it means to be a Digital Leader.

It was fun being a digital leader because we got to learn how to keep safe online and to help teach other people how to stay safe online. First we had to complete our internet safety training which helped us understand the importance of keeping safe online. After the training was finished we were selected to take part in a photoshoot which would later be used in the BT centre.

In the photoshoot we had to think about how some people share private information online. We took photos of different scenarios of people sharing private information online. We also used different ways of expressing yourself without sharing your true identity. We did this by making our own emoji avatars with our favourite things on them.

The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme is delivered as part of Childnets work in the UK Safer Internet Centre

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