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Online Safety Training & Events

Bespoke Online Safety Training

When it comes to online safety, we can offer you bespoke training both in person and online for your school or organisation. We will deliver the session at a date and time convenient to you and offer e-safety training tailored to your needs. Our sessions can cover a range of topics, such as: general online safety advice, blended and remote learning, as well as focused sessions around bullying, gaming, mental health and wellbeing, sexting, digital literacy and skills, privacy and managing professional reputation online. These sessions can be delivered live or pre-recorded depending on your schools’ needs. Audiences for our training can include:: ​

  • Early years settings through to universities ​ ​ ​
  • Children and young people - aged 3 - 25
  • Parents & foster carers
  • School staff and governors
  • Police
  • Social workers
  • Safeguarding professionals
  • Local Authority Safeguarding Boards
  • And many more

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Our parent and carer sessions can also be adapted to your needs. We can focus mainly on providing parent and carers with information about latest opportunities and risks online, advice on where to seek help and support, and strategies for engaging with their children and creating positive digital environment for the family.

These sessions are delivered by SWGfL, a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre. For more information email us at

96% of schools would come to us again for more training. Here's what some of them said...

"It was an excellent session - very inspiring speaker with a wealth of knowledge at his disposal. Time flew too quickly [and] we really would like to work with you again - fantastic resource and lovely presence."

"SWGfL has now done two Online Safety sessions at our school. The trainer was friendly, professional and really engaging. The children enjoy his sessions and learn a lot from them."

"It was a great day, and all of the people that attended said they found it very useful and informative. The trainer was fantastic and very knowledgeable!"


Who do you deliver online safety training sessions to?

We can provide online safety training sessions for a wide range of groups. We offer sessions for children and young people, from 3 to 25 years old. We also deliver sessions to parents and carers, and also to any professional working with or for young people, be it school staff, foster carers, police, social workers, and many more.

What topics do you cover?

Due to the nature of online safety, our content is constantly changing. Our standardised sessions cover content like cyberbullying, screen time and online privacy, but we also cover current issues like the remote and blended learning, latest games, trends, resources, legislation and research. Below are the general topics we offer for sessions. If your school or organisation has particular areas of concern, you can let us know and we can make sure we get these covered.

  • Remote and Blended learninf
  • Online Bullying
  • Gaming
  • Protecting staff - Online reputation
  • Impact of the internet on mental health and well-being
  • Personal Privacy and Security
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Engaging parents in online safety
  • Sexting
  • Virtual self-harm
  • Online sexual predation and grooming
  • Current research overview
  • Online Safeguarding Regulation and Legislation
  • E-Safety Inspection in schools
  • Teaching online safety across the curriculum
  • Features of effective online safety policy and practice


How long are your sessions?

We can either provide half days, full days or parent’s evenings or online sessions (which tend to be shorter). Half days are up to three hours, full days are up to six hours, and a parent’s evening on its own usually lasts around an hour and a half, although you can include a parent’s session in a half day or full day instead if you wish.

We recommend that adult sessions, either to parents, school staff or other professionals, are no shorter than an hour and a half, as there is always a lot to get through! For young people, depending on their age, sessions ought to be between 45 – 90mins. Given these guidelines, you can break up your half day or full day however you like. For instance, in a full day, we could do three pupil sessions with young people of different ages, then a staff development session, followed by a parent’s evening.

We would recommend that online training lasts between 30-60 mins per session including a short break with as many sessions as you would like to fill the day.

We offer excellent value for money, given the length of the sessions and the expertise of our team. 

What type of organisation do you deliver to?

We can provide training to a wide range of organisations such as schools, councils, colleges and Universities, early years settings, police, foster care teams, social workers, health teams, safeguarding groups and more. We also present at conferences across the UK and internationally, on a range of topics regarding online safety.

Will I receive any kind of accreditation?

You will receive a certificate that your staff has attended online safety training with us, and we can also provide a separate certificate for pupils.

How much will a training session cost?

Prices for our sessions are as follows:

Half day or 3 hours of the consultant’s time is £475 + travel + VAT

Full day or 6 hours of the consultant’s time is £700 + travel + VAT

Parent’s evenings are usually around 90 mins which costs £300 + travel + VAT

Online training sessions cost £150/hour to include prep and delivery time with the option to record and distribute to your audience.

Do you offer online sessions?

We are now offering the full range of our standard sessions online. This includes:

Bespoke live and pre-recorded staff, parent/carer and young people sessions with the option of interactive elements on a wide range of topics.

Free Online Safety events around the UK

Alternatively, we also offer free update sessions for anyone working with children and young people as part of our ​Online Safety Live outreach programme.

Delivered across the whole of the UK by the South West Grid for Learning, a partner within the UK Safer Internet Centre, we bring these events locally to you with all the very latest in online safety including the latest issues, the biggest trends and the best resources.

The events are 90 minutes long and cover a broad range of online safety topics, a briefing session in its truest sense. At the end of the event all delegates receive access to an online resource area containing links to all the materials mentioned, signposting to sources of help and support as well as a live copy of the presentation itself. For more information email us at

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