13 January 2022 UK SIC

SWGfL and The Marie Collins Foundation Launch Harmful Sexual Behaviour Support Service

Our partners at SWGfL and The Marie Collins Foundation were pleased to announce the launch of the Harmful Sexual Behaviour Support Service

11 January 2022 UK SIC

Safer Internet Day 2022 Supporters Registration surpasses 500!

With under a month to go until Safer Internet Day, we are thrilled at the success of the supporters registration.…

7 January 2022 UK SIC

A deep dive into Safer Internet Day resources: 3-7s edition

We have created an array of resources to support you in delivering sessions for 3-7 years about Safer Internet Day.

7 January 2022 UK SIC

Helping your child with WhatsApp

Here are all the safety tips you'll need to ensure your child has a safe and enjoyable experience with WhatsApp.

7 January 2022 UK SIC

Professionals Online Safety Helpline releases annual report of data from 2020 – 2021

The Professionals Online Safety Helpline has just released their latest annual report with analysis of data in 2020 - 2021…

17 December 2021 UK SIC

Joint committee reports on draft Online Safety Bill

A joint committee of MPs and Lords joined in summer to scrutinise the online safety bill and to make further…

16 December 2021 UK SIC

SWGfL Launch Updated TikTok Checklist

Our partners at SWGfL have brought out an updated TikTok checklist available to download.

13 December 2021 UK SIC

YouTube hiding dislikes – considerations

YouTube has decided to ‘hide’ the ‘dislike’ count making it only private to the creator but still allowing users to…

30 November 2021 UK SIC

Take the Report Harmful Content Survey

Please answer this questionnaire about the platform Report Harmful Content share your experiences of harmful content online.

29 November 2021 UK SIC

IWF analysts finding fifteen times more child sexual abuse content online than they were ten years ago

22 November 2021 UK SIC

Sign up for SWGfL’s Free Online Event ‘Exploring Media Literacy’

Our partners at SWGfL are hosting a free online event with TikTok taking place on 8th December 1 - 3pm, exclusively for…

17 November 2021 UK SIC

TikTok Videos Targeting Teachers – Support from Professionals Online Safety Helpline

The recent viral trend of targeting teachers on social media platforms is causing a great deal of concern throughout the…