Report Harmful Content

A national reporting centre that has been designed to assist anyone in reporting harmful content online.

How the service works

Our focus is on providing advice about all types of harm online and signposting users to the correct services, highlighting to the public a reporting route for non-criminal content. Where the response from industry isn’t what was expected, we can follow this up directly.

How we can help

Free and independent advice

Report Harmful Content is provided by the UK Safer Internet Centre and operated by SWGfL. We use our existing experience of running two successful helplines, The Professionals Online Safety Helpline and The Revenge Porn Helpline to enhance our service. There is no one else that delivers what we do.

Escalating content

We have unique relationships with industry – including direct channels to escalate concerns to social media companies and many others if reports have not been responded to as expected

Advice on reporting

We have advice on how to report types of harm across some of the most popular online platforms including social media sites

Mediatory Support

We have a team of dedicated practitioners who not only review content but actively communicate with victims, ensuring they are listened to whilst offering guidance and mediatory support where needed.

Report Harmful Content Button

The report harmful content button is a new and ground-breaking process of helping users report legal but harmful content wherever they go online. Any organisation including schools and universities who want to help stop the spread of harmful online content can install the report button on their website for free! 

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