Safer Internet Day 2011 took place on 8th February and the theme was Virtual Lives

Supporters across the UK got involved

Over 70 organisations, including schools, joined the supporters list to share what they were doing to support Safer Internet Day.

Our live radio show broadcast for 12 hours!

Safer Internet Day Live attracted an astonishing 25,000 listeners. The schedules swept through programmes targeted at such a diverse range from the very youngest web users at 5 to 7 year olds, up to teenagers and then switched to content and discussion for teachers, focusing especially on their professional identity. As the day turned to the evening, the attention turned to parents offering a range of expert advice and tips centred on gaming and mobiles. Find out more and listen to soundbites from the show.

Resource packs helped schools deliver Safer Internet Day lessons and activities

Schools used our educational resources produced for Safer Internet Day 2011 that focused on children’s online gaming, which are still relevant now.