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Activities took place right across the UK for Safer Internet Day 2017 to promote the safe and positive use of technology. 

This is a list of organisations who have registered to share what they are doing in support of Safer Internet Day. 


Total Safer Internet Day Supporters

  • 1,177
  • 119
  • 158
  • 57
  • 31
  • 103
  • Forres Sandle Manor School Year 1 to Year 8 have been participating in age related Safer Internet Day activities from the website.
  • British Council TeachingEnglish We have lesson plans and blog posts for teachers of English aimed at raising awareness of online safety for teenagers and younger learners on our website.
  • NAHT NAHT has been using its communications channels to help inform members about Safer Internet Day.
  • Probus Primary School For Safer Internet Day the children will consider the power of the internet - the good, the bad and the ugly! Together be strong and as an individual, be stronger to stop the spread of hate.
  • Downs Junior School We will have a photo campaign involving all 16 classes , a post-it note 'comment' challenge on photos around school, all classes to do adapted e-safety lesson & use assembly powerpoint to introduce the lesson.
  • The Boys' Brigade in Scotland We are providing our groups with SID ideas and resources which they can deliver to the children and young people aged five - 18.
  • Brecknock Primary School The children will be doing a range of activities to promote safe behaviour when using the internet. Teachers will hold in class assemblies to promote discussion.
  • Meadowside School We will be making posters and doing some role play activities about online dangers.
  • Manchester United Foundation Manchester United Foundation will be utilising player messaging across some of their digital platforms to promote Safer Internet Day.
  • Heap Bridge Primary School The children & staff at Heap Bridge Village Primary School will take part in two afternoons focusing on a Safer Internet for all and e-safety.
  • Cheshire Constabulary We will be covering and engaging all our schools, 650 plus. We will be working in partnership with them through our e-safety officers programme and Junior Safety Officers programme.
  • Hollybrook Academy We will have an assembly for the whole school informing pupils about how to keep them safe on line. Then into pastoral care groups to watch a safety video and discuss about what they need to know.
  • Lincolnshire Police We are visiting many of our local schools and delivering internet safety talks. We will be promoting the day on our Twitter page.
  • Trewirgie Junior School Our safety councillors will be working with our Online Safety lead to run a competition to create a poster and write a story about online gaming. The winning story will havre their book published!
  • Notts County Football Club Notts County Football Club are really pleased to be involved in Safer Internet Day 2017. We will be raising awareness via our social media channels and official website, and promote the day in our matchday programme.
  • St John Fisher CVA The whole school will begin with an assembly, followed by each class doing activities relating to e-safety. Follow up and feedback will be given at the end of the day via the children.
  • Paces Paces is organising a series of digital safety training sessions for staff and parents run by the Family Fund
  • St Barnabas CE VC Primary School All classes will be using the teaching resources, we will be having a whole school assembly and inviting parents in for a workshop.
  • King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford We will be promoting Safer Internet Day through a range of year group assemblies, followed up by form time activities and PSHE lessons.
  • Meadowhead Junior School As a school we are dedicating a school day to Safer Internet Day, we will be setting up a photo booth and completing lost of positively activities to learn about the images and the impact online.
  • Rowley Hall Primary School Rowley Hall will launch Safer Internet Day 2017 with KS1 and KS2 assemblies. Activities will take place in classrooms throughout the day and pupils will watch the SID videos for their age range.
  • Inspiring Joe We support and teach new companies, startups and charities about Social Media, we will ensure that we will add an online safety element to all our training packages as well as support on the day.
  • Schools Broadband We will be celebrating Safer Internet Day 2017 by recognising the importance of the issues associated with it and coming up with fun and creative ways to promote #SID2017
  • Swindon Academy A whole school assembly will be held and children will undertake a project on the day equipping them with good e-safety awareness.
  • One College Using the day to highlight Safer Internet practices. In particular we are discussing recent experiences that members of our student body have encountered and secondly online professional profiles.
  • Ashcroft primary school We will have a whole school assembly and class projects linking to safer internet usage.
  • The Orion Primary school We will be running competitions on the day and also we will be doing some assemblies for both children and parents.
  • Handsworth Primary School We will be completing a variety of activities throughout the day to promote Safer Internet Day. Our digital Leaders will also be involved in the photography project and teaching this to our Computing club.
  • SafeToNet Ltd We have mentioned Safer Internet Day in our most recent newsletter and will promote it on social media.
  • Hartside Primary School We will have a variety of activities to promote online safety, but also first aid training for children and a visit from the local Police to discuss safety outside of school.