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Governors and trustees

We recognise that governing boards today play a pivotal role in ensuring the safeguarding of children, and this includes online safeguarding and the impact of digital technology. Providing access to broad, balanced and impactful online safety education is also key.

It is vital that Governors:

  • Understand their online safety responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Have an awareness of online threats, risks and trends in technology use and internet use
  • Support and critically challenge the school in implementing effective online safety policy, procedure and practice
  • Ensure their school provides an appropriate level of filtering and monitoring which safeguards young people from risky online content and contact
  • Receive and act upon regular online safety reports from senior leaders
  • Ensure children are taught about online safeguarding through teaching and learning opportunities as part of a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Provide all staff with appropriate online safety training

Below we set out some FAQs and some key resources


How can I understand the latest technologies and trends?

We have some helpful guides to the most popular social media services and you can also see the NSPCC's NetAware guide

You can also sign up to our newsletter which will share our latest blogs and highlight new trends. 

For the latest research, see this series of research summaries, created by the Evidence Group of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety. 

How can I understand my roles and responsibilities in relation to online safety?

For Governing bodies and proprietors of schools and colleges in England there are specific statutory responsibilities regarding online safety as detailed in Keeping Children Safe in Education (2016).

How can I support my school/college in adopting effective policy and practice?

We have guidance for schools and organisations on online safety policy and provision. There is also specific guidance on appropriate filtering and monitoring.

The Kent Online Safety Guidance for Educational Settings page also contains a number of template policies and documents on online safety.

This guidance, created by the Education Group of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS), provides information on what governing bodies should ask senior leaders and what evidence to look for on effective online safety practice.

South West Grid for Learning, a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre, offer 360 Safe; a free online safety self-review tool for schools. Versions for Scotland and Wales are also available.

Self-review of a school’s online data protection and security is also available through 360data.

What resources are available for schools to deliver impactful preventative online safety education?

Our teaching resources and curriculum planning pages contain lots of information and links to high quality educational online safety resources created by the UK Safer Internet Centre and other organisations.

Childnet’s Digital Leaders Programme is an effective way of using peer education to educate young people about online safety.

Safer Internet Day is coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre. Every year we produce supporting educational resources, research reports and other promotional materials to empower schools to get involved in the day. 

What support is available for responding to online safety incidents?

Your school/college can get support with handling online safeguarding incidents by contacting our helpline, the Professionals Online Safety Helpline, on 0344 381 4772 or

We have more advice about where you can report and seek further advice on our Need Help page.

Specific advice on managing incidents of sexting have been produced by the South West Grid for Learning and by the Education Group of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety.


Where can I get online safety training for staff and governors?

We offer a range of training for staff: 

Online Safety Live is a programme of free events right across the UK designed exclusively for professionals working with children and young people. 

We have information and advice for staff on managing their professional reputation.

Childnet International, a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre, offer a free online Staff INSET training presentation (with supporting resources). They also offer training sessions in schools for pupils, parents/carers and staff (including governors).