18 Tips on Google’s 18th Birthday

27 Sep 2016 UK SIC

On Google’s 18th Birthday we share 18 safety features to remember when using Google services.

In the last 18 years Google has grown massively and is now far more than just a search engine.

Below are 18 safety features for three of Googles biggest services; Google Chrome, Google+ and YouTube.

Our overall top tip for using Google is: Make sure you know the safety features for each of the Google sites/services!

Safety features on Google Chrome

  • Safe Browsing: Chrome will automatically display a warning message if you try to visit a site that is suspected to contain malware or phishing.
  • Bookmarks: bookmark a web page or website and add it to a list so you do not have to type the web address in time after time
  • Pop Ups and Adverts: Chrome will block pop up windows which are new windows (often containing adverts) that may appear when accessing some websites. 
  • User Accounts: ‘Supervised user’ accounts can be created and managed to allow or prohibit access to certain websites
  • Extensions:  Encourage your children to ask you for permission before installing extensions and if you are not happy with the permissions it requests, then it is best not to install it.

Click here to view all of the safety features on Google Chrome

Safety features on Google+

  • Report: report any comments, posts or profiles that breaks the terms and conditions
  • Block: use the blocking tools to prevent someone from contacting you
  • Comments: you can delete or disable comments from other people on your posts
  • Privacy: you can control how you share information on your profile
  • Default settings for minors: there are a range of safety and privacy settings for minors. For example, under-18s can’t access 18+ content in hangouts.
  • Age Requirement: to be eligible to sign up for Google+, you must be at least 13 years old.

Safety features on YouTube

  • Flag content: report content that breaks the community guidelines (watch video)
  • Safety Mode: restrict access to age-inappropriate content
  • Video privacy settings: you can make videos public, unlisted or private
  • Blocking: prevent someone from commenting on your videos or sending you messages
  • Comment moderation: stay in control of who can post comments on your videos
  • File a privacy complaint: you can request the removal of videos that include your image, full name or personal information
  • Age requirement: In order to create a YouTube account, you must be at least 13 years old.

Find out more about safety tools in our online guide www.saferinternet.org.uk/safety-tools

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