360 Degree Safe – Online Safety Review Tool Update

22 Sep 2022 UK SIC

The online safety, self-review tool 360 Degree Safe has been updated in response to new guidance from the Department for Educations ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’.

Find out what has changed and how SWGfL’s online safety policy templates have also included these new updates.

360 Degree Safe

The self-review tool has been used by more than 13,000 schools and has shown the online safety landscape since it was developed over 10 years ago. With the constant changing of technology, new guidance has also been introduced for this = academic year.

The updated 2022 version of the DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance addresses new changes along with additional requirements on trustees, governors and school leaders.

These requirements are based around updating their online safeguarding policies and procedures.

Updates and Changes

In addition to the 360 Degree Safe, the SWGfL Online Safety Policy Templates have been significantly changed to account for the updated guidance.

The policy sections will now follow the order of the online safety aspects within the self-review tool.

We recommend that schools that have previously used the online safety policy templates should download these new versions. With the new changes, schools are now able to update their own policies as well.

Here are just a few of these changes:

  • A new Harmful Sexual Behaviour Policy template – this builds on the KCSiE guidance and Ofsted expectations
  • An updated Electronic Devices – Searching & Deletion Policy template – this is following on from updated DfE guidance
  • A new Acceptable Use Agreement template for Key Stage 2 children

 The links and resources section in the 360 tool will now link to updated statutory guidance and best practice documentation.

With these new updates to the 360 Degree Safe tool and the SWGfL policy templates, schools are encouraged to re-visit their online safety review to ensure they are meeting recommended standards.

You can register for 360 Degree Safe for free and see how you can improve your online safety policy and practice.

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