App Traps and Bill Shock' – a whole new category for Childnet's film competition

13 Apr 2015 UK SIC

This year Childnet have joined forces with PhonepayPlus, the UK’s premium rate phone numbers and phone-paid services regulator, to partner on their PhoneBrain Competition.

The brain child of PhonepayPlus the UK regulator for phone-paid services, PhoneBrain was created to educate young people about these services including the costs involved and how to make use of them without getting charged more than expected.

If you are a school or youth group interested in winning some great prizes including a camera and green screen then visit the PhoneBrain Category page to find out how to enter.  

If you need some facts about about things you can pay for by phone and what you should watch out for online then visit the PhoneBrain website.

In the mean time, happy filming! 

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