Autism and online safety: discussion forum opened

12 May 2014 UK SIC

Childnet, partners in the UK Safer Internet Centre, have launched a discussion forum to invite educators to share their experiences about autism and online safety, which will feed into a new toolkit for educators. 

Childnet are working in partnership with Leicester City Council to produce a free online safety toolkit for educators working with young people with ASD.

The Childnet S.T.A.R. Toolkit will be launched on 3 June with the aim of increasing the e-safety knowledge of educators and empowering them to support their learners online.

The free online resource will offer practical advice and adaptable teaching activities to help educators explore internet safety with young people with ASD in KS3 and 4. 

The resource will include key messages for secondary-age pupils with ASD, advice for professionals about how to support pupils, and some suggested activities for teaching key messages about the safe use of the internet. Topics covered include cyberbullying, inappropriate content and sharing personal information online.

Join the discussion

On the build up to the launch, Childnet are inviting educators to share their experiences of supporting secondary-aged young people with ASD on the internet, particularly around safe use of the internet. We want to hear about positive experiences as well as the challenges that such young people face online.

You can find out more and join the discussion at

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