Back to School Resources from across Europe

08 Sep 2016 UK SIC

Insafe have launched their annual back to school campaign on the Better Internet for Kids platform.

The campaign showcases the online safety tools and resources that have been created by the European network of Safer Internet Centres (SICs).

The ‘Tour of Europe’ showcases key resources from each of the European Safer Internet Centres.

Teachers are invited to explore the various resources, which include information for students on how to stay safe and responsible online, and cover a variety of issues from cyberbullying to sexting, and from digital media literacy to online extremism.

The UK Safer Internet Centre’s contribution to the map is a guide to the safety tools on popular social networks, web browsers and on-demand video services. The guide aims to help parents, teachers and young people find out where they need to go for further information and support on these sights.

To view the UK SIC’s resource visit

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