Childnet and four young people from UK chair a workshop at the IGF

08 Nov 2012 UK SIC

This week Childnet is in Baku taking part in the Internet Governance Forum.  This is the fourth year running that Childnet has run the youth IGF project and for the first time, the youth panel will be chairing their own workshop

This will take place on  Wednesday 7th November at 12.30 GMT 

This workshop is titled “Social media, young people and freedom of expression” and will seek to explore the relationship between these topics. It will feature a panel discussion with 10 young people (4 from the UK, 2 from Hong Kong, 2 from Denmark and 2 from the Nordic Youth IGF Project) talking about their experiences online.  We will also be hearing from three industry guests Ellen Blackler, VP Global Public Policy at Disney , Richard Allan, European Policy Director at Facebook and John Kampfner for Google and YouTube, as well as a variety of guests from civil society including Pippa Green on behalf of Childnet and the UKSIC, Ken Corish for SWGfL and the UKSIC and Janice Richardson for Insafe.

It is looking to be an incredibly interesting session, featuring research commissioned by our young people.  They have also put forward a very interesting set of questions to help structure this discussion.

This session will be streamed live from the IGF website if you are interested in watching at 12.30 on Wednesday 7th November.

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