Childnet welcomes Paola as Despatch and Administrative Assistant.

15 Aug 2016 UK SIC

As the newest addition to the Childnet Team, I was immediately impressed by the positive attitude of the team and their strong commitment for making the internet a safer and greater place for children.

My role as Despatch and Administrative Assistant is very exciting as I’m in charge of the despatch of our many resources and dealing with different types of enquiries. I am also involved in innovative programmes, and liaise daily with school staff and professionals from all over the UK. It’s my job to promote all of our useful resources to schools, for the young people they work with.

Having worked in Italian Public Education Administration as well as in a global children’s charity, I found Childnet International as the best place to learn about online safety and discover new ways to empower children online. Since the internet is a global phenomenon, risks and possibilities are also global and they need to be addressed internationally. This is why it’s such a privilege to promote Childnet’s values, resources and programmes in all European countries as well as in developing countries.

I’m really looking forward to being part of a small team and communicating with all our different stakeholders. I’m learning something new every day and make sure I carry out my duties according to the team needs. After the first week of work as Despatch and Administrative Assistant I already feel I have broadened my vision about current technology trends and child protection issues.

Finally, I am looking forward to supporting the team with launching the Digital Leaders Programme for Primary schools and the 2017 Childnet Film Competition.

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