Childnet's Upper Secondary Toolkit is now live!

28 Feb 2012 UK SIC

The toolkit contains two different resources the Advanced Project and the ‘Picture This’ our drama activity, these activities have been matched to the skills and interests of young people aged 14-19.

The Advanced Project aims to harness the existing skills of the 14-19 age range and to broaden their knowledge by asking them to create an e-safety resource for their chosen target audience; for example grandparents, younger children or their parents and carers. The series of 4 lessons has deliberately been made flexible. As an educator you can choose the outcome of the project depending on the time you have available. Ideally students will have time to fully develop their e-safety ideas and to have the opportunity to present directly to their chosen audience.

The second part of theUpper Secondary Toolkit is our drama project; Picture This. Picture This is a practical educational resource that addresses and questions the sensitive issue of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, known as Sexting. The pack comprises of a 25 minute play script and lesson plans that seek to educate and enlighten young people about the consequences of creating and sending indecent images.

Dramais an incredibly effective way of communicating complex messages as it allows young people to explore the “what if” concept and draw their own conclusions. They are also responsible for creating the final scene where they can decide who they think is, or may be, accountable. You can choose whether you use the script in the classroom or as a performance piece. This resource uses many interactive methods in order to encourage your pupils to research, dissect and understand the meaning of sexting and the consequences of engaging in this kind of behaviour.

All of these new resources link with school PSHE curriculum, more details on how they are linked are found on the website.

Childnet would love to hear about the ideas and resources your pupils create as part of the Advanced Project as well as any feedback you have about the Upper Secondary Toolkit please email to share this with us.

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