Code Week EU

07 Oct 2015 UK SIC

From 10 – 18th October 2015 Code Week EU will be taking place across Europe. 

The week aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way through grassroots initiatives. 

As Code Week EU explain: “Learning to code helps us to make sense of how things work, explore ideas and make things, for both work and play. What’s more it helps us to unleash our creativity and work collaboratively with wonderful people both near us and all over the world.”  We couldn’t agree more and that’s why we have compiled a list of some of the exciting ways young people can start learning to code and teachers can help bring coding to their school.  

For young people

  • Technocamps.  Technocamps have a number of exciting resources developed to help young people learn all about computer science at their own pace.  The resources are graded 1-3 in terms of level of difficulty, so anyone can set themselves a challenge and start their coding journey.
  • Studio Code.  Loads of free activities to start you coding including Infinity Play Lab, a chance to create a story starring Disney Infinity characters and Flappy Code, for those wanted to create their own game in 10 minutes. 
  • What has science done for me?  Manchester Girl Geeks and ScienceGrrl present an evening with some of the finest minds in science, technology, IT and engineering.  This event on 22nd October 2015 in Manchester is aimed particularly at young women who are considering a career in technology.  

For teachers

  • Code Week EU – toolkit for teachers.  The Code Week EU toolkit for teachers provides all you need to engage your school in Code Week.
  • TechFuture Girls.  If you have girls who love to code and want to set up a club then TechFuture Girls is an out-of-the-box after-school club that has been specifically designed to encourage girls to stay engaged in IT.
  • Code Club.  Want to host a code club at you school? Code Club offer the resources, including teacher training for primary school teachers, to help teachers set up code clubs. 
  • Apps for Good.  Join Apps for Good and learn how to deliver coding training courses to young people aged 10 – 18 years old.  Apps for Good is free for all UK non-fee paying schools. 
  • Hour of Code.  Not ready to run an event for Code Week EU but would like to run an event in the future, Hour of Code is a global movement where anyone can run an Hour of Code event to teach people how to code.  This year’s Hour of Code is 7 – 13th December.  

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