Countdown to Safer Internet Day: Only 3 Weeks Left

18 Jan 2024 Isaac Tendo

It’s almost here! We’re now just under three weeks away from the much-anticipated Safer Internet Day, scheduled for February 6th, 2024.

As a standout event in the online safety calendar, Safer Internet Day aims to make the online world a safer space for our children and young people. Last year, we had over 5,000 organisations supporting this cause, and we’re aiming to raise that number even higher this year!

Wondering how you can contribute to this mission? Here’s how you can rally behind Safer Internet Day:

Pledge your Support:

Join the thousands of organisations participating in the UK’s most significant online safety celebration by registering your support for Safer Internet Day. Complete the online form here, share your plans for the day, and reserve a spot on our Supporters List.

Once registered, you’ll receive a certificate, and your logo will be featured on the official Safer Internet Day webpage along with your pledge. Get on board today!

Utilise the Free Resources:

Make the most of the educational resources we’ve created for Safer Internet Day by downloading it here. The resources are suitable for schools, youth groups, police services, libraries, etc.

They are designed for ages 3–18 and include interactive stories, worksheets, and group discussions. We also provide specialised options for those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Additional Learning Needs (ALN). You can download your resources here.

Be a Safer Internet Day Activist:

Lend your voice to the cause and help us raise awareness about young people’s online safety. Share our pre-made posts with the hashtag #SaferInternetDay and make a difference in the digital world.

This is a chance for you to make a difference by sharing these premade posts with the hashtag #SaferInternetDay.
Post 1
📢 Exciting news! Just one month to go until Safer Internet Day! 🎉 Get ready to join the movement for a safer and better online world. Let’s make a difference together! #SaferInternetDay

Post 2
🌟 Save the date! Safer Internet Day is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you. Mark your calendars and join us in spreading awareness about online safety. #SaferInternetDay

Post 3
🚀 Counting down the days until Safer Internet Day! 🗓️ Join us as we explore inspiring change, making a difference, managing influence, and navigating change online. Together, let’s build a safer and more inclusive online space. #SaferInternetDay

Don’t forget to visit, like @saferinternetuk on Facebook, and follow @UK_SIC on X (previously Twitter).

We eagerly look forward to your support and appreciate your commitment to this important cause!

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