Counter-Extremism – narratives and conversations'

09 Jun 2015 UK SIC

The London Grid for Learning (LGfL) have launched a new Counter Extremism Resource for schools and parents. 

In response to potential concerns from teachers, the LGfL have developed the ‘Counter-Extremism – narratives and conversations’ resource in partnership with Sara Khan from counter-extremism and women’s rights organisation Inspire.  The open access video resources aim not only to build confidence and support the safeguarding of young people (online and off-line), but also to facilitate discussion on respect, tolerance, community cohesion and shared values.

Sara Khan’s views are often sought by government and media; in the new resource, she offers information, insights and advice to help schools navigate this difficult area. She highlights the fact that mainstream Islam and ISIS are worlds apart, and lays out principles that apply equally to all forms of extremism, including the far-right. 

The resource which is primarily aimed at school staff, but may be deemed appropriate for use in Citizenship and PSHE lessons, is designed to be clear, self-explanatory and easy to use. It will help guide higher-level strategy formation, but is just as helpful for provoking discussion and reflection on an individual basis.

The videos are can be viewed at

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