Crossing the Line – the trailer

16 Feb 2016 UK SIC

In March 2016, the UK Safer Internet Centre will be launching our Cyberbullying Guidance and Teaching Resources, which will help schools understand, prevent and respond to cyberbullying. 

Created with support from the Government Equalities Office and the European Commission as part of Childnet’s work as the UK Safer Internet Centre, the Teaching Resources will provide educators with a toolkit to use with KS3 students as part of the PSHE curriculum to educate about safe and responsible online conduct. 

The toolkit has been designed to offer a practical approach to teach key online issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, peer pressure and body image.  A key component of this is three short films. These films aim to generate discussions amongst pupils as to where behaviour ‘crosses the line’ between what is acceptable and unacceptable.

The three films include:

  • “Gone Too Far” – Cyberbullying with an LGBT focus
  • “Just Send It” – Sexting, consequences and the law
  • “Back Me Up” – Peer pressure and resolving conflict with a focus on the role of the bystander

The films will be accompanied by lessons plans that will encourage these issues to be further discussed and understood. It will be available and accessible to all practitioners working in this arena to download for free.

Two national conferences are planned for March 2016 to launch the toolkit and the updated version of our cyberbullying guidance. The conferences will take place in Manchester and London. To book visit:

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