EU Survey on ‘Cyberbullying among young people’

05 Apr 2016 UK SIC

Aged 12 – 21?  Have you say about cyberbullying by completing a European wide survey.

The European Parliament has recently commissioned a ‘Research paper on cyberbullying among young people’. Conducted by Milieu, it aims to provide information on the nature of cyberbullying among young people in the EU, and on Member States’ legislation and policies focused on preventing and tackling cyberbullying. To achieve this objective, European Parliament have launched a survey among young people (aged 12 to 21) to collect their views on cyberbullying and to test good practices and recommendations identified through research at national level. 

If you are between 12 and 21 years old, you are invited to complete the survey here.  It is also avalilable in 9 other languages: 

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