Exciting new platform for Primary School Digital Leaders

15 Sep 2016 UK SIC

Have a look behind the scenes of the online platform for primary schools who are part of the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme!

The inclusion of primary schools in the Digital Leaders Programme has led to the creation of a new platform, completely separate to that of the secondary schools and uniquely tailored for this age group.

The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme aims to inspire and empower young people to take the lead in championing positive use of technology in their school or community.

Designed to support Digital Leaders as they progress through the programme, the platform will help children to:

  Exciting new platform for Primary School Digital Leaders 

Becoming an expert 

Children complete 7 core training modules to qualify as a Digital Leader. Designed by Childnet’s experts, the   Digital Leaders complete short online modules (including videos, interactive tasks and quizzes) with supporting  resources and guidance to help teachers guide pupils through the module.

Work as a team

Children then deliver activities in their school or community to make a difference and earn the Team Achievement Badges. With advice and inspiration about planning and delivering these activities, your team can achieve a huge amount throughout their time as Digital Leaders.


Your school will have the option to join the community of Digital Leaders from primary schools across the UK to share ideas, updates, inspiration and discussion. Plus they earn points and badges for getting involved!


Once a child has completed their online training they will qualify as a Digital Leader and earn their qualification badge. After qualifying there is more training available to build skills and knowledge.

Schools are now invited to register for the academic year 2016/17 and the platform for primary schools will be open from 31st October.

Find out more and register now at http://www.childnet.com/digital-leaders.

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