Facebook checklist update

09 Mar 2015 UK SIC

The most up-to-date guide on using Facebook safely is out!

We have recently updated one of our most popular resources – the Facebook checklist. Originally based on the resource created by our friends from the Austrian Safer Internet Centre, we have produced a number of versions over the last couple of years and distributed hundreds of thousands hard copies to children’s organisations. We work very closely with the Safety team at Facebook UK and always strive to keep this resource as up-to-date as possible, so our February 2015 version is the most current resource you will find on using Facebook safely.  What’s more, the Facebook checklist helps you understand and manage the information you share online with others.

This latest version includes information on how you can use the new Facebook Privacy Checkup Dinosaur, as well as how to use the reporting tools on the platform.

We have also included a section on the new Privacy Basics tool which helps you take control over the ads that you see by checking and changing your preferences, and there is information on how you can remove or block an app or game, or adjust the privacy settings.

We have kept our Teenage user updates and a list of useful sources of help and information.

You can find & download a pdf version of the Facebook checklist in the Advice and Resources area on our website. You can also order hard copies (max of 500 per order) from our online store. They are free to order, with only postage charged. 

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