Filtering and monitoring – Questions for governors, proprietors and trustees

31 Jul 2023 UK SIC

In its simplest terms, filtering systems are mechanisms that manage access to online content. Monitoring is your school or college ability to safeguard users by understanding, in a timely manner, how your systems are being used, or misused. These questions are for Governors, proprietors and trustees to seek assurance that filtering and monitoring standards are being met around the following areas:

– Schools and Colleges should identify and assign a number of roles and responsibilities including a responsible governor.

– Schools and Colleges should review, at least annually, that their filtering and monitoring provision is adequate.

– Schools and Colleges should check that their filtering and monitoring systems are working and effective.

To get a breakdown of the questions and to understand why they are being asked, you can download the resource below for the full information. Do take a look at our Filtering and Monitoring page as well for further advice and to get the latest recordings from our webinars.

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