Free artificial intelligence lesson plans available from SWGfL

17 Nov 2023 UK SIC

SWGfL (a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre) has collaborated with the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) to develop complimentary educational resources for schools, focusing on the complex topic of artificial intelligence. Tailored for Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, and Key Stage 4, these lesson plans encompass diverse aspects of AI, catering to the specific needs and understanding levels of each age group.

As younger generations will continue to take an interest in new and exciting technologies, the spotlight on artificial intelligence intensifies. Educators play a crucial role in navigating discussions on this evolving topic and employing activities that cultivate awareness in the classroom regarding how AI can have an impact on established behaviours around technology.

Artificial intelligence lesson plans

Within these lesson plans, educators will find a comprehensive activity plan accompanied by a supporting PowerPoint presentation for guiding students in the classroom. These plans include thought-provoking discussion points and activities with clearly defined outcome criteria. Here’s a glimpse into what each Key Stage entails:

  • Key Stage 2: This lesson plan aids pupils in grasping the mechanics of machine learning and understanding the potential risks and opportunities associated with artificial intelligence.
  • Key Stage 3: Focused on how AI systems are trained, this lesson plan highlights the positive enhancements AI can bring to student work.
  • Key Stage 4: This lesson plan delves into critical considerations regarding bias, ethics, and copyright within artificial intelligence systems.

All these invaluable resources are accessible for free and can be conveniently downloaded from SWGfLs dedicated Artificial Intelligence hub.

Artificial intelligence hub

The AI Topic Hub serves as an invaluable resource for insights, guidance, and support in navigating the expanding role of AI within educational environments. Unpacking the effects on schools, it provides a thorough exploration of the advantages and essential considerations that professionals should be mindful of. Recently updated, the Hub offers the latest information, empowering both teachers and students to broaden their educational horizons.

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