#freetobe on social media

11 Nov 2019 Becca Cawthorne

This Safer Internet Day we are encouraging everyone to think about identity online, looking at how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others. This year the Safer Internet Day campaign will be using the hashtag #freetobe – exploring all of the things that young people should be free to be, when they are online.​

How to use the template:

  • What do the young people you work with wish they were #freetobe online? Use the template to explore aspects of their online identities with them. You can tailor the template to suit the age group that you work with. Why not fill the page with…
    • Words that express who or what someone should be #freetobe online (e.g. themselves, creative, funny, supportive).
    • Pictures that illustrate what a better internet could look like.
    • Illustrations of what they want their online identity to look like.
    • Pledges of what they will do to help create an inclusive internet, such as: ‘I will post things that I am proud of online’ or ‘I will support my friends to express themselves online’.
  • Take a photo of the templates (with students and educators too!) and share on your ​organisation’s or school’s social media accounts with the hashtags #freetobe and #SaferInternetDay. We would also love to see how you have used the templates to create a display in your setting!
  • Get your friends, family, and colleagues involved! 
    Any photos shared on Twitter using the #SaferInternetDay or #freetobe hashtags and tagging @UK_SIC may be retweeted by the UK Safer Internet Centre.

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