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06 Jan 2012 UK SIC

The UK Safer Internet Centre is pleased to have adopted the Go ON  badge, supporting Race Online 2012 as part of the Safer Internet Day 2012 activities.

Race Online 2012 is a challenge to everyone in the UK. The Race Online 2012 ambition is to make the UK the first nation in the world where everyone can use the web. As you’re reading this article, you clearly know how to use the internet. But did you know there are 8.4 million people in the UK who’ve never made a Skype call to a loved one, explored their interests, or got a great deal online?

There are so many fabulous initiatives, places and tools to inspire, encourage and support inexperienced Internet users (we call them off-liners), to get online, that sometimes, it can be difficult to distinguish these activities from those aimed at more experienced users.

That’s why Go ON has been developed – to highlight the benefits of being online! In association with Race Online 2012, Go ON is a badge designed by 23red to unify all the wonderful initiatives, places and tools to help off-liners become internet beginners.

The UK Safer Internet Centre is proud to have adopted this badge encouraging users whatever their age to discover the digital world together safely and is pleased to be part of the Go ON network, reaching thousands of off-liners, and their friends, family and digital champions with the Safer Internet Day Message. 

So what is a digital champion? It’s anyone that’s helping someone discover the wonders of the web – and there are already over 10,000 in the UK. 

This year’s theme for Safer Internet Day 2012 is Connecting Generations. The Safer Internet Centre will  be using Safer Internet Day as a call to action to inspire people to share their knowledge about staying safe online with each other, through a range of activities which will be promoted on the Safer Internet Centre’s webpage. This in essence is what being a digital champion is all about!

For those who are already digital champions, a special SID banner has been created using the Go ON badge which can be downloaded alongside the other SID banners at /safer-internet-day.

If you’ve got a relation, friend or neighbour who’s missing out on all the benefits the internet can bring, find out how you could help, and join the digital champion network at http://www.go-on.co.uk/champions.

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