Government announcement about online safety

22 Dec 2015 UK SIC

Today Education Secretary Nicky Morgan MP announced new measures to keep safe online at school and at home. 

As part of this, the Government is seeking views on proposed revisions to guidance for schools on keeping children safe, which will help to strengthen online safety provision. The consultation is open for submissions until 16th February

David Wright, a Director of the UK Safer Internet Centre, said:

It’s great that online safety is being incorporated into this document. The UK Safer Internet Centre is ready to work with DfE to explore how best to support schools in meeting this new requirement.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said:

As a parent I’ve seen just what an important role the internet can play in children’s education. But it can also bring risks, which is why we must do everything we can to help children stay safe online – at school and at home.

This includes ensuring young people know how to use the internet responsibly and that parents and teachers have the right measures in place to keep children safe from exploitation or radicalisation.

These measures are delivering on the government’s commitment to keep children safe from harm, as well as providing helpful support and information for professionals and parents so we are all equipped to help protect children in this digital age.

In addition, the Government has launched two new documents, which the UK Safer Internet Centre has been involved in developing: 

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