Help your child be a good online friend

01 Jun 2016 UK SIC

We know that children are excited and inspired by technology, and are learning to navigate websites, online games, consoles, and touch screen technology from a very young age.

It is therefore essential, that discussions surrounding friendship are extended to the online environment, as soon as children begin to show an interest in the internet.

To help parents talk to their child about how to be a good friend to others we’ve pulled some resources you can use to start these conversations.

Watch Smartie talk to Red and Murphy about respecting difference online 

Made for Safer Internet Day 2016 Smartie is joined by Red and Murphy who talk about how to help friends who are being bullied online and what we can all do to make the internet a kinder place for everyone.   Click here to view the full Safer Internet Day TV collection. 

Read Digiduck’s Big Decision

The Digiduck collection by Childnet has been created to help parents and teachers educate children aged 3 – 7 about how to be a good friend online. The collection now includes a book and PDF, as well as an interactive app created in partnership with Internet Matters.

Take the ‘Play your Part Online’ quiz

A great resource to use to start a conversation is the Safer Internet Day quiz.  Aimed at 9 – 13 year olds the quiz can be used to help young people see if they make kind choices when faced with dilemmas online.  It covers topics such as cyberbullying, trolling, respect and kindness online, looking out for friends and pressures online.  Whilst doing the quiz young people will discover lots of helpful feedback and advice which can be used to encourage discussion.  It will also inspire them to think about the responsibility we all have to create a kinder internet.

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