Instagram makes changes to support and protect its most vulnerable users

08 Feb 2019 Helen Cole

Yesterday (7th Feb), Instagram announced a number of changes it will be making to its platform in order to help the most vulnerable users. Following a comprehensive review with global experts and academics on youth, mental health and suicide prevention, Instagram has made the decision to remove graphic images depicting self-harm from their platform. 

A summary of changes being made are:

  • No longer allowing any graphic images of self-harm, such as cutting on Instagram – even if it would previously have been allowed.
  • No longer allowing non-graphic, self-harm related content – such as healed scars – in search, hashtags and the explore tab, and this content won’t be recommended either.
  • Getting more resources to people posting and searching for self-harm related content and directing them to organizations that can help.
  • Consulting with experts to find out what more they can do.

Read the full update from Instagram here.

For further advice about reporting harmful content on Instagram and other social networks, visit

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