Join the Safer Internet Day Thunderclap!

06 Jan 2017 UK SIC

What you have to do

  • Go to our Thunderclap page
  • Pledge your support by clicking on of the buttons (Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr)
  • Your message will then go out automatically on 7 Feb at 8:30 am!

If you would like to support our Thunderclap from more than one social media account then just repeat the process!

What is a Thunderclap?

Thunderclap is a crowdspeaking platform where people donate their social reach for a cause they believe in. Social media is very fast moving and tweets and posts can often get lost. To help us achieve maximum impact, Thunderclap schedules the same message across Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr from everyone who signs up at exactly the same time. 

The Safer Internet Day Thunderclap will go on at 8:30 am on 7th February and will kickstart a day of trending!

Help us get more supporters

Last year our Thunderclap reached 4 million people. We want this year to be even bigger. The Thunderclap is crucial to help raise awareness about making the internet a better place for all. Help us gather more supporters by sharing the following message on your social media!

“Sign up to @UK_SIC Safer Internet Day 2017 Thunderclap and help make the internet a better place!

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