Launch of SWGfL Online Compass Tool to coincide with Safer Internet Day 2012

09 Feb 2012 UK SIC

Online Compass revolutionises Internet Safety for children’s organisations

7th February 2012

Online Compass empowers children’s organisations to effectively navigate the digital world.  It is aimed at any group or organisation that works with children such as childcare, early years, children’s homes, children’s centres, youth clubs, voluntary groups, work placements for example.

Registration is free; Online Compass shows you what you need to do to make the use of technology safer for your group. It allows groups and organisations to consider and challenge their own internet safety provision and then offers simple and targeted advice on how to improve provision and the means to get you there.  Uniquely it recognises progress, allowing organisations to demonstrate to their groups and communities the priority it takes with meeting online safeguarding standards and empowering children and young people to consider their own safety to make the most of technology.

Online Compass has been developed by the South West Grid for Learning Trust as partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre with co funding from the European Commission.      

The tool builds on the mutli-award winning 360 degree safe platform which is benefiting schools in 4 continents world wide. How safe is safe!  Online Compass not only marks progress against standards, for the first time using online technologies it allows each organisation to canvass views of their children, staff (or volunteers) and parents to assess their perceptions and measure impact.

It is a free, powerful tool  that not only simplifies a difficult task but makes it easy and rewarding. In a fantastically rich and animated interface, it clearly maps where you are, charts your progress and navigates a course to a safer online environment.

The release of Online Compass coincides with this year’s Safer Internet Day on Feb 7th. More details of which can be found at /safer-internet-day

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