Less than two weeks left to enter the Childnet Film Competition

11 Jun 2020 Becca Cawthorne

With entries for the Childnet Film Competition closing on the 22nd June we take a closer look at what you have to do to enter.

The Childnet Film Competition is now in its 11th year and is open to all young people based in the UK. The challenge is to create a positive, short, online safety film or a storyboard with a script in response to this year’s theme: We want an internet where we’re free to…

We are looking for films or storyboards that tell us why you want an internet that allows people to feel free and safe online and how we can make this happen. Once again, we’re on the look-out for films with a positive and clear message about the ways we can use the internet.

What are the categories and what do I need to do?

There are three categories in the competition, each with their own entry requirements, but around the same theme: We want an internet where we’re free to…

For any of the categories you don’t need the highest tech camera or equipment. Even if you just film on a phone or tablet, we are looking for the film with the strongest message. The possibilities are endless!

The Solo Category

The Solo Category is for young people aged 7-18 and the challenge is to create a 2-minute online safety film. This film should explore the positive aspects of the internet, and inspire young people to be safe and respectful online.

There will be six shortlisted films in this category, three films will be shortlisted for ages 7-11 and three for ages 12-18.

The Group Category

The Group Category is open to those aged 3-18, and is designed to be used by groups of 2 or more young people either at home or in educational settings.

All of those groups who are shortlisted will receive some great prizes for their school or youth organisation.

We know that for a lot of young people, working together might be difficult at the moment but we know that young people love a challenge. Whether you are a family with a great idea or a group of friends who want to use tech to work together, we want to see your films!

The Storyboard Category

The Storyboard Category is an individual competition for young people aged 7-18 who want to celebrate what the internet offers. The challenge is to create a storyboard and script for a film that would explore the positive uses of the internet.

We are looking for a creative, inspiring and positive storyboard with a script for a film which reflects this year’s theme. Entrants can use our template storyboard or create their own but must keep the entry to a maximum of 12 frames (or picture squares). Make sure the ideas, drawings and words are clear.

Who are the judges?

Our expert panel of judges will make the tough decisions of who is taking home 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Childnet Film Competition!

 The Film Competition judges are experts from a range of exciting organisations in the film and TV industry, find out more about our judges!

What are the prizes?

All of those who are shortlisted in the group and solo categories will receive some great filmmaking prizes for their school or youth organisation. The winners of the storyboard category will receive some great prizes to help them with their storyboarding in the future and start the path to making great films.  

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