Film Competition

18 July 2022 UK SIC

Moat Farm and Super 8 among big winners of Childnet Film Competition

The Childnet Film Competition 2022 has reached an exciting conclusion, with the finalists and winners announced!

26 May 2022 UK SIC

Less than two weeks remaining to enter the Childnet Film Competition 2022!

There is still time for schools and youth groups to get involved in the Film Competition fun, so don't miss…

24 February 2022 UK SIC

Lights, camera, action… the Childnet Film Competition 2022 is officially launched!

The 13th Childnet Film Competition is officially launched – and is once again open to all schools and youth groups…

21 July 2021 UK SIC

That’s a wrap for a fantastic Childnet Film Competition 2021!

We are celebrating the creativity, filmmaking skills, and online safety knowledge of scores of entries across the Primary, Secondary and Storyboard categories…

18 May 2021 UK SIC

Two weeks remaining to submit your Film Competition films and storyboards

Schools and youth groups across the UK have been busy getting creative and having fun with their films and storyboards…

25 February 2021 UK SIC

How to enter Film Competition 2021 in 5 simple steps

Unleash your filmmaking skills and help other young people separate fact from fiction online.

16 February 2021 UK SIC

And the Film Competition 2021 award goes to…you?

Today the 12th Childnet Film Competition is officially launched – and is once again open to all schools and youth groups across…

3 July 2020 UK SIC

Winners announced in home learning Film Competition

During lockdown over 130 young people across the UK got creative and made short films to inspire their peers to…

23 June 2020 Becca Cawthorne

Entries have now closed for the Childnet Film Competition 2020

Entries have now Closed for the Childnet Film Competition 2020. In this blog we look at what happens next and what further activities…

11 June 2020 Becca Cawthorne

Less than two weeks left to enter the Childnet Film Competition

With entries for the Childnet Film Competition closing on the 22nd June we take a closer look at what you have to do…

20 May 2020 Becca Cawthorne

Introducing the Childnet Film Competition Judges for 2020

Entries for the Childnet Film Competition close on Monday 22nd June, so with one month left to enter we look at some key things to…

23 April 2020 Becca Cawthorne

The Revised Childnet Film Competition 2020 – Home education during COVID-19

As schools remain closed, we know that many families are looking for projects they can do that are fun, educational…