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06 Sep 2016 UK SIC

Our 12-hour long internet radio marathon took place on 5 February, Safer Internet Day. Thank you so much for tuning in, and sending us questions, comments and opinions. We hope you found the information provided by all our experts useful.

Below, we have published the available podcasts as well as resource links for each of our guests on the day, so listen again for top tips and practical advice on using internet technologies safely delivered directly from Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, ISPs, and mobile phone operators, as well as information about sharing music, films and content legally. 

09:00 Intro Hour

David Wright, South West Grid for Learning and Susie Hargreaves, Internet Watch Foundationintroduction to the day and the Centre

Thibaut Kleiner, European Commission & Clement, French student 

Prof Andy Phippen, Plymouth University & Hannah Broadbent, Childnet on Safer Internet Day survey

10:00 What I want to do online

Caroline Hurst, Childnet reading The Three monsters story for young children

Kelly Mendoza & Darri Stephens, Common Sense Media U.S on content rating

Laura Batten, Disney Club Penguin on safety features in Club Penguin

Stephanie Gould, Egmont UK on digital publishing and ebooks

Prof Sonia Livingstone, London School of Economics on latest research in internet usage

Vernon Jones, Moviestarplanet on safety features in Moviestarplanet

11:00 Anti-bullying

Richard Piggin, Beatbullying; Luke Roberts, Anti-Bullying Alliance & Alex Holmes, Diana Award Programme on help and support with tackling bullying , ,

Brian Donnelly, respectme on charity work in tackling bullying in Scotland

Natalie, Anti-Bullying Alliance ambassador

Jacqueline Bauchere, Microsoft on safety features in Microsoft products 

Socrates, Anti-Bullying Alliance ambassador

12:00 Being a friend/ Being a digital citizen

Patricia Cartes, Facebook on safety features in Facebook and social reporting

Naomi Gummer, Google UK; Claire Lilley, NSPCC and Ciaran, young student on the Interactivism project

Andy Day, CBeebies reading Digiduck’s Big Decision, a story for young children about friendship online

Ciaran, young student Youth Participation team NSPCC

13:00 Digital Literacy

Jeremy Browne, Minister of Crime Prevention at Home Office on Safer Internet Day

Edward Timpson, Minister for Children and Families on Safer Internet Day

Phil Kingsland, Nominet on knowthenet

Dominic Stevenson, the Fostering Network on support for foster carers around internet safety

14:00 Euronet Hour

Janice Richardson, Insafe on role of Insafe for Safer Internet Day

Veronica Samara, Greece on Safer Internet Day activities in Greece

Marcela Alzin, Austria on Safer Internet Day activities in Austria

Gry Hasselbalch, Denmark on Safer Internet Day activities in Denmark

Luiza Shahbazyan, Bulgaria on Safer Internet Day activities in Bulgaria

Loreta Krizinauskiene. Lithuania on Safer Internet Day activities in Lithuania

15:00 Privacy and Digital Footprint

Del Harvey, Twitter on safety features in Twitter , ,

Naomi Gummer, Google UK on SafeSearch in Google 

Patricia Cartes, Facebook on privacy settings in Facebook

Kim Sanchez, Microsoft on internet safety priorities at Microsoft and 

Microsoft Safer Online Teen Challenge

16:00 Content Sharing and Copyright

Liz Bales, The Industry Trust on legal sources to share film, TV, music, sports and ebook content

Adam Liversage, BPI Recorded Music on sharing and downloading music legally or 

David Austin, British Board for Film Classification on age ratings for film content

Nicola Hodson, Microsoft on tools and advice from Microsoft for parents (Windows 8 tools)

Useful links

17:00 Being Safe Online

David Brown, OFSTED on good esafety practices in schools – more info

Tony Neate, Get Safe Online on work organisation does

Vicki Shotbolt, ParentZone on support  for parents

Rowan Davies, Mumsnet on internet safety issues discussed by members

Andrew Pill, Argos on free family software available online

Julian David, Intellect UK on Association’s view and perspective around internet safety

Sarah Sumpter, Insafe on Safer Internet Day 10th Anniversary event Brussels

18:00 Being Safe Online

Ben Brown, BSkyB on internet safety support for Sky customers – how to set up controls 

Matt Rogerson, Virgin Media on internet safety support for Virgin Media customers and how to set controls

David McDonald, BT on internet safety support for BT customers and how to set up controls

TalkTalk customers how to set up parental controls

Deborah Preston, Symantec for Norton on filtering products for the family – free Norton online family product

Mike Short, Telefonica O2 on tips and tools for O2 mobile phone customers or

Annie Mullins, Vodafone on tips and tools for Vodafone mobile phone customers

Ciaran Bradley, Adaptive Mobile on security features in mobile phones – more info 

Shirley Dent, PhonePayPlus on tips and advice for using apps and premium rate services

Prof Andy Phippen, Plymouth University & Emma Lowther, IWF on sexting research 

19:00 Reporting and Telling Someone

Jennifer Puckett, eModeration on social media moderation

Jonathan Baggaley, CEOP on reporting & tackling grooming www.ceop.police.uk

Steven Sweeney, Met Police on support police provides in schools and communities

Tink Palmer, Marie Collins Foundation on supporting young people victims of abuse

20:00 Closing hour

Jon Brown, NSPCC on future of internet and safety

Kate Russell, Technology journalist on ways and tools for families to surf the web safely together

Reccommended links and resources:

Larry Magid & Anne Collier, U.S. on activities planned in U.S.

Closing remarks from all three partners in the UK Safer Internet Centre reflection on the day as the three UK Safer Internet Centre members