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06 Sep 2016 UK SIC

Our 12-hour long internet radio marathon took place on 5 February, Safer Internet Day. Thank you so much for tuning in, and sending us questions, comments and opinions. We hope you found the information provided by all our experts useful.

Below, we have published the available podcasts as well as resource links for each of our guests on the day, so listen again for top tips and practical advice on using internet technologies safely delivered directly from Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, ISPs, and mobile phone operators, as well as information about sharing music, films and content legally. 

09:00 Intro Hour

10:00 What I want to do online

11:00 Anti-bullying

Jacqueline Bauchere, Microsoft on safety features in Microsoft products 

12:00 Being a friend/ Being a digital citizen

13:00 Digital Literacy

14:00 Euronet Hour

15:00 Privacy and Digital Footprint

16:00 Content Sharing and Copyright

17:00 Being Safe Online

18:00 Being Safe Online

TalkTalk customers how to set up parental controls

19:00 Reporting and Telling Someone

20:00 Closing hour

Reccommended links and resources: 

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