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01 Aug 2013 UK SIC

The UK Safer Internet Centre broadcast a live marathon 12 hour radio programme across the internet marking Safer Internet Day 2011.

The radio programme was a hugely ambitious plan broadcast across the internet and contained interactive and inspiring advice, debate, fact and opinion. Supplementing the debate, the programme gathered together commentary, advice and conversation from a spectacular assembly of key figures in the international arena of online safety including Professor Tanya Byron, Professor Sonia Livingstone and Lord Richard Allen, along with UK Government Ministers Tim Loughton and James Brokenshire.

Safer Internet Day Live attracted an astonishing 25,000 listeners.

The schedules swept through programmes targeted at such a diverse range from the very youngest web users at 5 to 7 year olds, up to teenagers and then switched to content and discussion for teachers, focusing especially on their professional identity. As the day turned to the evening, the attention turned to parents offering a range of expert advice and tips centred on gaming and mobiles.

Safer Internet Day live was entirely interactive throughout enabling listeners to contact the programme via IM, Facebook, email, text and phone. However, the most active channel by far was Twitter, with tweets and retweets commenting and contributing across the planet. Internet Radio was chosen as the broadcast medium for Safer Internet Day Live as it has the amazing ability to reach an infinite number of listeners worldwide coupled with the latest Internet communication technologies that convert those listeners to contributors and participants; 21st century radio or ‘Radio 2.0’.

Safer Internet Day Live can only be considered a resounding success not only in the astonishing numbers of listeners and participants but also as the content is converted into a suite of podcasts that will prove a valuable resource and reference beyond the day.

Radio show produced in partnership with the Anderton Tiger Group:

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