New ProjectEVOLVE Resources Launched for Anti-Bullying Week

18 Nov 2022 UK SIC

For this year’s Anti-Bullying Week which is organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, ProjectEVOLVE (a UK Safer Internet Centre project) has launched some brand-new online bullying resources available for ages 3 -11.

These new resources are free to use within the toolkit and have been created with consultation from other partner organisations about online bullying.

Considering the valuable feedback that the users provide, the resources have also been adapted to reflect what professionals who are using the ProjectEVOLVE toolkit want to see when it comes to assisting them with their teaching.

What Do the Resources Include?

The resources provide statements that identify scenarios around online bullying and how young people may recognise and describe how they approach the issue. Some of these include:

  • I can describe ways that some people can be unkind
  • I can recognise online bullying can be different to bullying in the physical world and can describe some of those differences.
  • I can explain why people need to think carefully about how content they post might affect others, their feelings and how it may affect how others feel about them (their reputation).
  • I can describe the helpline services which can help people experiencing bullying, and how to access them (e.g. Childline or The Mix).
  • I can identify a range of ways to report concerns and access support both in school and at home about online bullying.

Included as part of these new resources are questions that teachers can ask along with outcome criteria and other supporting activities that can engage the classroom with discussion.

The knowledge map feature can also be used to gather student responses towards scenarios surrounding online bullying whilst identifying and analysing where understanding lies. 

What Do the Students Say?

ProjectEVOLVE heard directly from young people about online bullying. Take a look at the video below where students discuss online bullying some of the scenarios they face and how they respond.

If you’re a professional that needs support with educating around digital development and want to raise awareness around how to recognise and respond to online bullying scenarios, why not use ProjectEVOLVE and start an engaging discussion in the classroom?

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