New TikTok checklist highlights privacy and security settings

03 Nov 2023 UK SIC

Since 2018, TikTok has been one of the most popular platforms for sharing online videos as well as engaging with digital creators and influencers. With a plethora of content, tools, and communities, our revised 2023 TikTok Checklist serves as a comprehensive guide for supporting users with navigating the platform.

Created in collaboration with TikTok, our latest 2023 TikTok Checklist is a comprehensive resource designed to address some of the most pressing queries from users, parents, guardians, and educators. Take a look at our recent article to explore what’s included.

What are the age guidelines?

Similar to most applications, TikTok implements essential age control features to safeguard users while navigating the app. The updated TikTok Checklist outlines what is accessible for all users, and particularly highlights what default settings are in place for those under 16.

How can I manage my messaging settings?

Empowering users with control over their communication preferences is crucial. The checklist highlights the different methods to customise messaging settings, allowing users to tailor their interactions on TikTok.

How can I regulate my content exposure?

Options are available for users to regulate the content they encounter on TikTok, from filtering based on keywords to managing content maturity levels. The TikTok Checklist explains how to limit and curate the content visible while using the platform.

How do I set my videos to private?

For many TikTok users, maintaining privacy settings for their videos is essential. The checklist details the array of options available to limit the visibility of videos, ensuring they’re only viewable by a select audience if desired.

How can I block a user?

Like other social media platforms, TikTok provides tools to restrict unwanted interactions. The checklist outlines the process of blocking users and preventing unwanted interaction.

How do I report an issue?

Occasionally, users might encounter concerns or issues on the platform. The checklist comprehensively explains the different avenues available to report problems such as report forms and additional helplines.

Reporting TikTok Accounts

For educators or professionals working with young individuals concerned about reporting TikTok accounts, the Professionals Online Safety Helpline can offer further assistance. Learn more about the reporting process specific to TikTok through our specific guidance from the helpline.

Access the TikTok Checklist

This comprehensive guide aims to equip users with the latest privacy and security settings, along with insights into managing well-being and making the most of updated features on the platform. Moreover, this resource serves as a valuable tool for schools, aiding in the dissemination of information about safety settings and the significance of using platforms with digital wellbeing in mind. Professionals seeking to share this resource can order physical copies from the SWGfL store.

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