No Hate Speech Movement: Explained

02 Oct 2013 UK SIC

The No Hate Speech Movement is a Council of Europe initiative to raise awareness of hate speech online, and to combat it.

The campaign website has all information regarding the Movement, its aims, outcomes and news about what is happening. You can watch the campaign video too.

The No Hate Speech Movement provides a space for young people to talk about and react against hate speech online. Through joining the movement and regularly contributing to the European Action Days, Campaign In Action blog and Hate Speech Watch young people can actively take part in the fight against hate speech.

Hate Speech Watch
To raise awareness of hate speech online, the No Hate Speech Movement has developed a tool for users to report hate speech on the internet. The online platform shares a list of various forms of hate speech, aiming to teach young people what hate speech is, and how to safely identify it.

European Action Days
These are days, once a month, when they highlight a specific issue. They’ve already had an LGBTQ day, a hate crime day, a youth day… On these days they ask online users to promote the No Hate message by taking various actions online.

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