Ofcom publish report on adult media use and attitudes

23 Apr 2013 UK SIC

Ofcom have published their annual Adults: media use and attitudes report, providing a rich overview of media use, attitudes and understanding among UK adults aged 16+.

Key findings include:

Over half of UK adults use the same password to access internet sites.

  • More than half (55%) of adult internet users admit they use the same password for most, if not all, websites.
  • Around one quarter (26%) say they tend to use easy to remember passwords such as birthdays or names, potentially opening themselves up to the threat of account hacking.
  • Remembering passwords also remains a challenge for some, with a quarter (25%) of adult internet users reporting they have problems doing so.

Older users driving increase in social networking

  • Over a third (35%) of 55 to 64 year-old internet users now have a social networking profile – up by half in just one year (24% in 2011).  A quarter (25%) of internet users aged 65 and over also say they have a profile. The increase means that overall about two thirds (64%) of all adult internet users say they have a social networking presence, up from 59% in 2011. 


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