Ofcom releases Adults' Media Use and Attitudes Report

30 Apr 2014 UK SIC

Earlier this week OFCOM released its Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes Report 2014 about the use of media by adults aged over 16 in the UK. The report details how adults perceive and use TV, radio, mobile, games, and in particular the internet.

Some of the really interesting highlights for us include:  

– More older people than ever are going online, across a range of devices and tablet use amongst the 64+ year olds has trebled in the last year.

– Unsurprisingly, mobile phone use as well as activities has increased with people also now increasingly using their mobiles to do online banking.

– Gaming continues to rise in popularity especially on mobile devices            

– Two thirds of adults have a social networking account with the most popular one being Facebook

– User-generated content is mainly created to provide information with most internet users being consumers rather than creators

– Adults have on average 23 apps on their smartphones and apps are the preferred way to game or download music/ videos  

– Younger users are more liberal when it comes to internet regulation views and are also more likely to moderate their online experiences pro-actively

– When it comes to managing their privacy and reputation online, 16-24 year olds are the most pro-active

To read the executive summary and the fill report, visit the OFCOM website

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