One week til #SID2015!

03 Feb 2015 UK SIC

Safer Internet Day is one week away, and supporters across the UK are planning an incredible range of activity to help reach millions on Safer Internet Day. 

Things to do now

#1 Join the Safer Internet Day supporter listregister as a supporter to join hundreds of organisations.

#2 Sign up to the Thunderclap to join the mass tweet on the morning of Safer Internet Day, which is set to reach over a million people. Register here

#3 Plan a session with the Education Packs: There are Education Packs for running sessions with primary age children, secondary age children and parents & carers. The packs are also available in Welsh.  

#4 Check out the celebrities supporting the day.

#5 Share and embed the video content available, or why not use the template text and logos to highlight the day on your website

#6 Help promote on social media this week, by posting the following messages:

#7 Follow the UK Safer Internet Centre on 

Things to do on the day

#1 Tune into SID TV on Safer Internet Day and help spread the word now using #SIDTV. Find out more at

#2 Take the quiz! Are you a good friend on the internet? Take the quiz and find out what it takes to be a good friend. 

#3 Make a promisejoin young people from across the UK in sharing what you will do this Safer Internet Day to make the internet a better place. 

#4 Share the pages for young people and parents and carers

#5 Watch the #Up2Us film which features 150 schoolchildren and is launching on Safer Internet Day.

Find out more at

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