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07 Apr 2016 UK SIC

Last month saw the completion of the current programme of Online Safety Live events with session number 250 taking place on the 24th of March.  These unique, innovative and (best of all) free briefing sessions, being delivered by our team of online safety experts, have incredibly reached over 7000 members of staff. Members of staff who all work with children and young people in some way. Can you imagine the number of children that would represent? We estimate that to be in the millions and this is why we are set to continue with a brand new programme of events which will travel the length and breadth of the county once again.

What’s covered?

Picture if you will, our team are being loaded into the tour bus along with a staggering amount of useful resources, primed and ready to talk to the nation about everything online safety. This image is really not far from the truth. Our Online Safety Briefings, being delivered as part of the UK Safer Internet Centre’s programme, have been developed to give delegates the ultimate update and overview covering the latest research conclusions, Ofsted frameworks, Legislation, technology overview, tools and resources. Not only that, when the 2 hour briefing is complete, everyone then gains access to an exclusive resource area which, not only holds a live copy of the presentation itself, but also contains every single resource referenced in the presentation.  Did I mention that this is all FREE? “Well that’s just too good to miss” I hear you say and this is precisely why we are continuing with a further 100 events to take us through to December 2018.

Are they any good?

The content is continually reassessed, developed and modified to keep the information completely current, fresh and relevant, such is the nature of the esafety beast, we are oh so aware of its constant evolution. We welcome feedback too which ensures we are getting it right and this is what people have been telling us:

“A very informative and current briefing. It enabled me to go back to school and update our policies and brief staff. Thank you.”

“I found the session informative and interesting. It was only a briefing but covered a lot of information and although I am knowledgeable in most areas discussed, there was information I was unaware of and also updated info. I would recommend this briefing to anyone who needs e safety input.”

“Brilliant and informative presentation with excellent resources to help promote safe internet access for our young people.”

What’s next?

The planning process for our next set of events is well underway with new venues being sourced from all around the UK.  Over the coming months we will return to Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and pepper the England map with pins once again.  I really do hope I have gained your interest so much so that we will be welcoming you to one of our future events.  Keep your eye on our schedule for a briefing near you and register your place at

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