Online Safety Review Tool for Scotland Announces New Updates

04 Nov 2022 UK SIC

Last week saw the launch of an updated and improved version of the award-winning online safety tool 360 safe Scotland. In this article, it explains some of the new features as well as information for new and existing users.

360 Safe Scotland

The tool has been updated to meet the needs of schools as well as keeping up to speed with the latest legislation, technology, behaviours, and statutory guidance that is currently being seen. In the past, the original structure has always remained the same but content has been updated to allow the tool to stay relevant. Now, the tool has been restructured to reflect the modern landscape.

The user experience has now been streamlined with a structure that is similar to before but is re-ordered. The four elements include:

Updates and Changes

This new change also ensures a reduced workload for professionals by reducing the previous 25 aspects within the toolkit down to 20.

The tool has now broken down the descriptors into simpler steps that are not wordy or repetitive and instead build on the previous level. This allows users to track progression much easier.

New level descriptors have also been written to ensure that the benchmark suggestion thresholds are now all set at Level 2. In the majority of aspects, schools will be able to reach the new benchmark levels as before, but due to changes in legislation or statutory guidance, a few benchmark levels across the aspects will be set higher.

Content has also been changed and adapted within the new policy templates, which are embedded within the tool.  These have been changed to reflect the latest guidance and statutory changes.

If you haven’t used 360 safe Scotland to help improve your online safety practice and policy, now is the time to sign up for free and begin your journey.

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