Professionals Online Safety Helpline to launch nationwide

08 Jun 2011 UK SIC

The UK Safer Internet Centre has now been successfully operating the Professionals Online Safety Helpline since launching on 16th March 2011. A steady stream of contacts has been received since the launch, covering a number of issues such as cyber-bullying, technical issues, social networking issues and illegal content. 

During the initial months of operation, the helpline staff have been fully inducted and trained, and policies and procedures have been robustly tested.

The Helpline has continuously received requests from outside the South West, and although has never turned anyone away who needed its help, it has not been promoted widely nationally. The UK Safer Internet Centre now feels confident that with the tested infrastructure in place, we can lift the geographical boundaries to meet this identified need for our services.

 Here are some quotes from happy customers of this free support resource for professionals;-

 “You have been a real star. I am so grateful. If you help everyone the way that you have assisted me, then you deserve elevating to the saints!”

Headteacher of a Primary School who discovered many underage pupils using Facebook.

 “I can feel a petition coming on!” 

Response from an E-Safety Advisor, London, in relation to the service not being available throughout the UK.

The Helpline can be contacted via email –, skype – professionalshelpline, or telephone – 0844 381 4772

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