Reporting online harassment and abuse in sport

21 Jul 2023 UK SIC

As the 2023 Women’s World Cup kicks off, sports enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await for an exciting and competitive tournament ahead. However, amidst the cheers and celebrations, we must remember that this can also be a time where athletes and sporting communities face online abuse. To combat this issue, Report Harmful Content, a free service operated by SWGfL and provided by the UK Safer Internet Centre, is taking proactive measures to raise awareness and support those affected by harmful online material.

Tackling Online Abuse

Online abuse, which includes bullying and harassment, can have a profound impact on athletes’ mental wellbeing and performance. Recognising the rising impact of this issue, Report Harmful Content has launched an awareness campaign to empower individuals across the UK to stand against online harassment in sport, and report harmful content through established channels.

The campaign will emphasise the importance of safeguarding ourselves and others against these harmful behaviours. By offering detailed guidance, the service equips users with the knowledge needed to report harmful material. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to work collaboratively to foster a positive digital environment for everyone involved in the sporting community.

Download the Report Harmful Content Button

One of the crucial aspects of this campaign is the involvement of other organisations, including schools and colleges, in spreading awareness of how harmful online content can be tackled. By downloading the Report Harmful Content Button for free and embedding it onto their websites, organisations can demonstrate their commitment to combatting bullying and harassment online.

To provide specific guidance, Report Harmful Content has developed an online resource that offers valuable guidance on Reporting Online Harassment and Abuse in Sport. This comprehensive guide equips individuals with actionable steps to effectively respond to online harm. Additionally, it provides a list of organisations who specialise in handling specific types of online harm, offering further assistance when needed.

A Collaborative Effort

It is important for all of us to play an active role in combating online harassment and abuse in sport. By raising awareness, reporting harmful content, and supporting those affected, we can foster an inclusive and respectful online environment.

As we enjoy the matches of the 2023 Women’s World Cup, let us also celebrate this initiative to create a safer digital space. Report Harmful Content’s campaign provides a rallying point for athletes, fans, and organisations to join forces and promote positivity and respect online.

If you would like to support this campaign across July and August, please follow Report Harmful Content on social media. 

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