Resources and information on esafety and learning disability

17 Sep 2012 UK SIC

The East Midlands Specialist College group have spent the last year working on an LSIS funded project to provide age appropriate and relevant resources for adults with learning difficulties. The final outcome – a website for young people, their parents and carers and for staff was launched last week at the ALT-C conference at the University of Manchester.

The site can be found here –

In the guidance for students, they present the 5 Ts of esafety:

  • Technology – this means all sorts of technology not just computers and laptops
  • Time – take your time and think before posting
  • Take Care – many things and people are not what they seem to be on the internet
  • Tricky – if you think you’ve got yourself into a tricky situation that you’re not happy with then walk away
  • Tell – someone if you are worried tell someone you trust straight away

The staff and students from the colleges have all worked together and you can see the level of engagement and enjoyment at their learner conference in the video on the home page.   

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