Revenge Pornography and Minors

27 Apr 2016 UK SIC

BBC investigation finds 30% of revenge pornography incidents reported to police involve under-19s

A report has been released today by the BBC, who analysed Freedom of Information requests from 31 Police forces in England and Wales between April and December, in relation to the new Revenge Porn Legislation.

There were 1,160 reported incidents, including 30% of offences involving young people under 19.

Laura Higgins, the Manager of the Revenge Porn Helpline (operated by South West Grid for Learning, lead partner of the UK Safer Internet Centre) has been discussing the issue with the BBC.

She said being a victim was a “hugely distressing, damaging and violating experience”.

She said: “The effect on victims is often pervasive and long-lasting.

“Whilst they have been the victim of a crime, often individuals internalise feelings of guilt and shame, which can negatively affect an individual’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

“Victim-blaming attitudes only exacerbate these feelings. Some feel so isolated and overwhelmed they consider suicide.”

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