Safer Internet Day 2012 school resource packs launched

25 Nov 2011 UK SIC

As February 7th 2012 is rapidly approaching, with it comes Safer Internet Day. We are happy to be able to share with you the launch of the UK Safer Internet Centre resource packs for both Primary and Secondary schools.

This year’s theme aims to encourage pupils to think about their internet use, and the way that other age groups use the internet, and internet-enabled devices. Pupils will need to consider the ways in which different generations can teach each other about the internet, and share their experiences with one another, to promote discussion and understanding across the age groups. Pupils will be inspired to discuss their experiences with their families, therefore facilitating opportunities for safety advice to be shared in a constructive way.

 For this year’s Safer Internet Day, the UK Safer Internet Centre challenges your school to:

 Secondary Schools:

  • Use the lesson plan to enable debate and discussion surrounding internet issues. Challenge young people to understand the concerns of other generations. Showcase your debate to peers, parents, carers and grandparents; and give them the chance to join in!
  • Create an awareness raising campaign in your school to encourage all generations of the local community to connect to the internet safely!

 Primary Schools

  • Use the lesson plan to enable your pupils to share their internet knowledge with their peers and with a selected audience within the community, to facilitate an exciting and collaborative group learning experience.
  • Create a class song / jingle / rap / short play or sketch titled “How we connect online and why we love the internet” IN ADVANCE of Safer Internet Day that can be showcased at the end of the SID assembly on 7 February 2012.

For full supporting material, lesson plans and teacher guidance visit /safer-internet-day/2012/schools-pack/, to ensure your school is involved in Safer Internet Day 2012!     

Share with us the great things you do on February 7th for SID 2012 by emailing us at and don’t forget to send your logo and we will put it up on our homepage!

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