Safer Internet Day 2016 wins ISPA Award!

08 Jul 2016 UK SIC

We’re delighted to announce that the UK Safer Internet Centre won the Safety Award at the 2016 ISPA Awards last night.

Winning the award for Safer Internet Day 2016, the ISPA judges were impressed by the amazing reach of the one day campaign!

So who wins the Safety Award ? It’s only the @UK_SIC ! An amazing Safer Internet Day saw them win this. #ISPAs— ISPA (@ISPAUK) July 7, 2016

Safer Internet Day 2016 was the biggest yet!

Over 1100 organisations got involved running Safer Internet Day activities and ensuring the SID messages reached as many people as possible.  Hundreds of organisations and individuals supported the #SID2016 social media campaign to play your part and #shareaheart and schools across the UK used the UK Safer Internet Centre’s Education Packs and Safer Internet Day TV to run Safer Internet Day activities.

As a result Safer Internet Day reached 2.8 million children and 2.5 million parents!

As an evaluation survey undertaken by Populus found (full report to be published soon), 2 in 5 young people (8 – 17s) and 1 in 5 parents heard about SID, double the reach of 2014!

What really stood out was that Safer Internet Day had a real impact on young people’s behaviour.  Of the young people that heard about SID, 87% said they felt more confident about what to if they are concerned about something online and 68% talked to someone in their family about using the internet safely as a result.  Parents also went on to take action after finding out about Safer Internet Day, with 62% of parents of 8-17s saying they talked to someone in their family about staying safe online and 42% saying they look.

As we now look ahead to Safer Internet Day 2017 we were proud that the work of everyone who helped make Safer Internet Day 2016 so successful was recognised as the best safety initiative in the UK in 2016! 

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