Safer Internet Day 2024 films launched!

20 Dec 2023 UK SIC

We are pleased to introduce our exclusive lineup of short films crafted for Safer Internet Day 2024, catering to children and young people aged 3 to 18 years old. These films serve as engaging conversation starters, ideal for educators and professionals looking to get involved in Safer Internet Day activities in various settings such as schools, nurseries, youth groups, libraries, and beyond.

Alongside our free Safer Internet Day education packs, these films are designed to support the overall learning experience. Delving into the theme of Safer Internet Day 2024, “Inspiring Change? Making a Difference, Managing Influence, and Navigating Change Online,” the films explore some of the key subjects related to the evolving landscape of the digital world, including artificial intelligence and the change that young people see online.

To get an idea of what Safer Internet Day is all about, check out our campaign film below:

Furthermore, we’ll soon be releasing the British Sign Language (BSL) versions of the films in the new year.

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Remember, if you haven’t yet registered for Safer Internet Day, you can sign up for free with your school or organisation and tell us how you’ll be celebrating on the day. You’ll just need to include your name, a sentence about your plans for the day, and logo. You will then receive a certificate to showcase your support in your school or setting.

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